JuneYao Airlines & Jiuyuan Airlines Went all out to Guarantee Passenger Travel
ReleaseDate: 2016-06-15


During the Spring Festival Travel Rush period from January 24 to February 13, JuneYao Airlines executed a total of 5023 flights, and transported about 670,000 person times of passengers. Catering to flight operation features of this year’s Spring Festival Travel Rush peak period, JuneYao Airlines and Jiuyuan Airlines made in-depth analysis, and made sufficient preparations in personnel and operation guarantee based on flights of each time slot.


During the Spring Festival Travel Rush period, JuneYao Airlines again advanced the opening time of flight check-in counters, comprehensively upgraded self-service check-in equipment, and greatly increased work staff for handling check-in. JuneYao Airlines’ Island E check-in flagship area at Hongqiao Airport T2 Terminal, and domestic VIP lounge at Pudong Airport finished Phase I upgrading of soft furnishing before the Spring Festival. In order to enable passengers to experience rich New Year atmosphere even onboard, JuneYao Airlines also introduced a series of mid-air special services to add enjoyment to the Spring Festival Travel Rush of the Year of the Monkey. Crew members dressed in “New Year Traditional Chinese Garments” brought rich New Year flavor to passengers.


In order to satisfactorily handle the Spring Festival Travel Rush work, it contributed great efforts to flight route deployment. On January 31, Guiyang=Tianjin, Guiyang=Xiamen flight route formally started operation; on February 2, Nanjing=Guiyang flight also formally opened. All three flight routes adopted brand-new Boeing 737-800 aircraft. On January 31 the date of the maiden flight, Guiyang=Tianjin flight recorded occupancy rate of 96.8%, Xiamen=Guiyang flight even recorded 100% occupancy rate with 189 persons. On February 2, Nanjing=Guiyang maiden flight similarly recorded almost full occupancy rate of 98.9%


On February 14, the return trips of Spring Festival Travel Rush entered peak period. On February 14 and 15, due to a strong cold front, Central China and East China experienced wind, temperature drop and rain/snow weather. Unfortunately, the cold spell coincided with the Spring Festival Travel Rush return trip peak period, and brought certain impact to flight operation. JuneYao Airlines and Jiuyuan Airlines maintained Spring Festival Travel Rush work status, and went all out to guarantee timely travel for passengers, all flights ran orderly and promptly.