JuneYao Airlines’ Arrival Punctuality Rate Ranked Among Top 10 in Asia
ReleaseDate: 2016-06-15


Recently, the CAAC data analysis system CADAS published “Arrival Punctuality Rate Report of Global Airlines” for January 2016, JuneYao Airlines ranked 10th in Asia Pacific region with 90.14% arrival punctuality rate.


This report is based on dynamic data of global flights from VariFlight by CADAS. According to data, airline companies with actual arrival flights of about 2000 flights were included in statistics. In November 2015, 34 airlines nationwide executed a total of 275946 flights, average flight normal rate was 81.35%, JuneYao Airlines’ flight normal rate exceeded average level by 8 percentage points, ranking top among nationwide airline companies normal rate at 89.61%. In December 2015, JuneYao Airlines’ flight normal rate recorded 89.13%, which is nearly 10 percentage points higher than average flight normal rate of domestic passenger transport airline companies of 79.56%. In January 2016, JuneYao Airlines’ flight normal rate topped 90% mark, ranking 10th in Asia Pacific Region with 90.14% arrival punctuality rate, and top  among nationwide airline companies in terms of normal rate.


The continual updating and improvement of flight punctuality rate represent a key symbol in the overall management standard of aviation enterprises. In 2016, a year marking the 10th anniversary of JuneYao Airlines’ start of operation, its fleet size tops 50 aircrafts, making it a medium-sized airline company, and an outstanding representative of China’s first HVC airline company. The number of JuneYao Airlines’ domestic, international and regional passenger flight routes tops 80, there are about 70 flight access spots. Its daily average flight number is between 240 and 250 flights, daily average passenger number is 34000 person times, annual passenger number tops 10 million person times.


2016 marks the opening year of the “Thirteenth Five Year Plan”, during the “Thirteenth Five Year Plan” period, JuneYao Airlines is expected to newly add 50 aircrafts, and add flights of Big Triangle flight routes, regional hub flight routes and backbone flight routes, look for and develop second base. JuneYao Airlines plans to newly open flight routes from Shanghai to key cities in North America, and Shanghai to key cities in Europe. By the end of 2020, the fleet size will grow to 100 aircrafts, thus enabling it to make an all-round transition toward big and medium sized airline company.