JuneYao Airlines opened up new outpost in Nanjing to cover Nanjing area with over ten flight routes
ReleaseDate: 2016-06-15


 Auspicious star favors Nanjing to expedite air travel! On March 16, JuneYao Airlines Nanjing New Flight Route Product Promotion Meeting opened at the Pullman Hotel in Nanjing Lukou Airport. Since March 27, JuneYao Airlines will newly open one dozen new routes from Nanjing to Qingdao, Shenzhen, Dalian, Nanning, Xiamen, Guiyang, Mianyang, Lijiang, Shenyang, Beihai, Kunming, and Harbin. JuneYao Airlines ranks 4th among all airline companies in terms of the number of initial departure flights from Nanjing Airport.


At the Promotion Meeting, Sun Peilan, Deputy General Manager of the Business Department of JuneYao Airlines, recommended flight route products, and specially introduced “Shanghai Jiangsu Easy Fly” product for the Nanjing flight route. Through “Shanghai Jiangsu Easy Fly” service, when passengers buy corresponding discount tickets of flights departing from Shanghai, Nanjing or Wuxi which are carried by JuneYao Airlines, they can always apply for flight section change with JuneYao Airlines. Furthermore, Sun Peilan also introduced JuneYao Airlines’ baggage weight policy and catering featured services, along with JuneYao Airlines frequent flyer program. Tan Feng, General Manager of the Business Department of JuneYao Airlines, delivered address for the meeting. More than 160 guests including officials of Nanjing Lukou Airport, Nanjing local media and travel agency representatives attended this Promotion Meeting.