Ningbo World Foreign Language School Started Kicked off Enrollment, The World Changes Because of You
ReleaseDate: 2016-06-15


 On March 27, Ningbo Shanghai Foreign Language School held an enrollment promotion meeting at the Ningbo Shangri-la Hotel to kick off the first-time enrollment work, and accept parents’ on-the-spot consulting. The promotion meeting scheduled morning session and afternoon session, and attracted a total of nearly 600 parents to participate. At the promotion meeting, Schoolmaster of Ningbo Shanghai Foreign Language School Xu Jian announced that, Ningbo Foreign Language School would introduce full package of Shanghai Foreign Language Primary School’s “DREAM” premium courses, adopt small class education for English teaching, and set up foreign teacher’s class, the education model will be brought in line with Shanghai Foreign Language School, and the teaching faculty team would mainly be dispatched from Shanghai.


It has been learned that on March 16, Ningbo Foreign Language Primary School formally started registration, the school’s official website and WeChat public account were launched, from March 18 to April 15 applicants can register their intention through school website and WeChat public account. Ningbo World Foreign Language School plans to enrol 2 classes of grade 1 primary school students, with 30 students in each class, totaling 60 persons


In 2013, Shanghai Foreign Language School opened campus in Hangzhou, two years later it became top-class education resource in the local area, and enjoyed widespread popularity among parents in Hangzhou and surrounding areas. In 2015, with support from Ningbo Municipal Government and district government, Ningbo Jiangbei District Education Bureau founded Ningbo Shanghai Foreign Language School by introducing Shanghai World Foreign Language School premium education brand, and established “The World Changes Because of You” schooling concept.