JuneYao Airlines 95520 received “Women Rendering Meritorious Service Post" title
ReleaseDate: 2016-06-15


 On March 4, the meeting for commemorating the 106th “March 8th” International Working Women’s Day by the Shanghai social work sector opened. At the meeting, JuneYao Airlines 95520 Call Center was awarded 2016 Shanghai “Women Rendering Meritorious Service Post” title organized by Shanghai Social Work Committee.


In August 2015, the Shanghai Social Work Committee organized “Shanghai Women Rendering Meritorious Service Post” selection activity to select outstanding units in the Shanghai social system. JuneYao Airlines 95520 Call Center participated in the selection as an outstanding female team representative. The 95520 Call Center is a key window for JuneYao Airlines to offer services to vast number of passengers. Among employees of the Call Center, more than 70% are female staff, whose average age is only 25. In this time’s “Women Rendering Meritorious Service Post” creation process, all female staff brought out qualities typical of females to create infinite satisfaction and value for passengers.