Simplify Procedure to Help Private Enterprises to Expand and Grow
ReleaseDate: 2016-06-15

 On April 19, the “Nurturing big private enterprise groups by utilizing equity market” special topic discussion meeting opened at the conference room of the Shanghai United Front Work Department, Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin attended the meeting in response to invitation and delivered speech. He suggested that big private enterprise groups have big space for development in the current economic situation.


At the discussion meeting, Wang Junjin put forward his own suggestions for M&A by private enterprises through the equity market. He said, in the process of unfolding cross-region, cross-industry M&A and restructuring in capital, technology, and brand by using the equity market, private enterprises badly need support of relevant policies, for instance reducing approval procedures and steps in M&A and restructuring, and the execution of these supporting measures will also benefit the development of the entire market. He said: “As far as private enterprises are concerned, in the past they are afraid of growing big, now they have no burden, the streamlining administration and power delegation policy mentioned in the ‘NPC & CPPCC Sessions’ will also provide opportunities for private enterprises to grow big and strong. Therefore, now there is big space for private enterprises to seek development.”



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Wang Junjin Was Invited to Speak at “Well-known Entrepreneur Classroom”

On April 1, Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin attended the “Well-known Entrepreneur Classroom” held by Ningxia Hui Ethnic Autonomous Region Federation of Industry and Commerce in response to invitation. As chief speaker, Chairman Wang Junjin shared his learning and insight with private entrepreneurs from the autonomous region under the theme of “creating value for society, promoting sustained development for enterprises”, while citing examples from JuneYao Group’s development history and personal experience.


During the lecture, revolving around the one mission, persistence & constant innovation, three cultures, four satisfactions, and five thinking approaches as the framework, Chairman Wang Junjin expounded JuneYao Group’s development history, transition and upgrading, industrial deployment and creating value for society, its corporate culture of creating a century enterprise in globalized modern service industry, and conveyed the spirit of the “NPC & CPPCC Sessions”. After the lecture was over, Chairman Wang Junjin exchanged views on development of private economy with Ma Tingli, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Party Committee and Director of the United Front Work Department of Ningxia Hui Ethnic Autonomous Region.