The 4th Session of the First JuneYao Group & JuneYao Airlines Workers Congress Successfully Opened
ReleaseDate: 2016-06-15

 In the afternoon of March 31, the 4th Session of the First Workers Congress of JuneYao Group & JuneYao Airlines (“Workers Congress”) opened ceremoniously at JuneYao Airlines, more than 200 staff delegates attended the Congress.


The meeting discussed, reviewed, and passed the ‘Optimizing Main Pillars, Nurturing New Pillars, Consolidating Cornerstone of “Century Enterprise”’ administrative work report delivered by President of the Group Wang Junhao on behalf of the Board of Directors; signed the “Collective Contract and Special Collective Contract on Special Benefits for Female Workers of JuneYao Group 2016”; signed the “Collective Contract and Special Collective Contract on Special Benefits for Female Workers of JuneYao Airlines 2016”. Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin conveyed the spirit of the “NPC & CPPCC Sessions”, and emphasized JuneYao Group must make up for weaknesses and improve efficiency in 2016.


Xu Ruixun, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Social System Trade Union, Full-time Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Social Work CPC Committee Organ, Secretary of the Group Party Committee Chen Li and other executives attended the meeting and delivered speeches, Chairman of the Group’s Trade Union Gu Zengguang presided over the meeting.


In his speech, Wang Junjin mentioned that the cutting over-capacity, de-stock, de-leverage, cost reduction, and weakness removal guiding thoughts mentioned in the state government’s reform of supply side hold crucial significance for next step development of enterprises. In 2015, JuneYao Group has made achievements in some aspects, but others have not reached desired status. For future development strategy, we must perceive the situation, sort out thinking approaches, find out weaknesses, and make up for weaknesses. Especially for Internet application, we need to focus our efforts. The core of reform on the supply side is improving efficiency, regardless of aviation, commercial retail, finance or other business units, all must focus on efficiency first, pay attention to cost efficiency, innovation efficiency, differentiation efficiency etc, create value for the society through reform of efficiency, so as to create “Century Enterprise”.


Entrusted by the Board of Directors, Wang Junhao delivered a report entitled ‘Optimizing Main Pillars, Nurturing New Pillars, Consolidating Cornerstone of “Century Enterprise”’ to the meeting. The report gave a comprehensive review of the Group’s operation performance in key pillar industries represented by aviation, commercial retail, and food in 2015, analyzed the Group’s explorations in new pillar industry sectors in banking, trade, scientific innovation etc and education undertakings, put forward JuneYao Group’s “Three major tasks” in 2016. The report called for every delegate to concentrate strength, and optimize, consolidate and expand pillar industries with focused attention in the new year, in order to scale new height on the road leading to the target of “Century Enterprise”.


In his speech, Chen Li pointed out that the platform of the Workers Congress is a crucial link in creating “Century Enterprise”, and therefore indispensable. Regarding future plan, he put forward three suggestions: 1. It is recommended that the Group’s new pillar industries must promptly set up party organizations and trade unions; 2. As a learning oriented company, the company must have rich learning atmosphere, there must be diversified ways of learning; 3. Improve execution ability in day-to-day work, develop healthy work habits.


Xu Ruixun fully acknowledged the importance of this meeting. She hoped JuneYao Group could take advantage of the platform of the Workers Congress to give advices to enterprises and offer suggestions of rationalization, promote construction of corporate culture, build a bridge for communication between enterprise and employees. She also hoped staff delegates could continually improve their own political awareness, mental quality, business ability, and management ability.


The meeting announced the execution of proposals from the 3rd Session of the First Workers Congress, set up 14 projects on the basis of proposals, and followed organizational procedure to submit them to relevant units and departments for processing and implementation. The solicitation of proposals in this Workers Congress began on February 26, and ended on March 24, lasting 28 days, a total of 31 proposals were received from delegates. At the group discussion stage, delegates carried out heated discussion.