Yichang Shanty Area Renovation Project Broke Ground
ReleaseDate: 2016-07-01

 on May 15, the ground-breaking press conference of Yichang City “South Huancheng Road Precinct Shanty Area Renovation Project” hosted by Yichang Xiling District People’s Government opened at the construction site of “Xianfu Garden” project on Xianfu Road. President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao, municipal and district officials including Executive Deputy Mayor of Yichang Municipal Government Song Wenbao, Mayor Asssitant Wang Wanxiu, Secretary-general of the municipal government Wang Juncheng, District Head of Xiling District Ren Wei attended the activity.


Wang Junhao and Ren Wei delivered speech at the press conference; in his speech, Wang Junhao said that as a core district of Yichang’s old town, and also the precinct that can most represent Yichang’s old town flavor, the shanty area renovation project will depart from creating “old Yichang style”. He emphasized that the Huannan ancient building cluster will become “historical heritage, and homeland of commoners”. At the media Q&A stage, You Yongshi, Vice President of JuneYao Group, introduced project features of Huannan historical flavor precinct.

Yichang South Huancheng Road Precinct Shanty Area Renovation Project” is a key real estate project with milestone significance in Yichang City, Hubei Province, to which JuneYao Group contributed a huge investment of 8 billion yuan, this project is a key project on provincial, municipal and district levels, and also the biggest real estate development project in the central downtown area of Yichang City. In 2016, the Yujing Tiandi, and Xianfu Garden lots of Yichang South Huancheng Road Precinct Shanty Area Renovation Project one after another broke ground, on May 2, the pile foundation earthwork of Yujing Tiandi Phase 1-1 Project started construction, on May 9, the foundation pit support of the Xianfu Garden Project broke ground and started construction, the start of these two projects signaled that Yichang South Huancheng Road Precinct Shanty Area renovation took another big step forward.