Huarui Bank scored initial success in its first year
ReleaseDate: 2016-07-01

 On May 23, Shanghai Huarui Bank held “Huarui Grove” Adoption Ceremony & Opening Anniversary Commemoration Event at the Century Park. The Ceremony was hosted by Zheng Min, Chief Supervisor of Huarui Bank, Chairman of Huarui Bank Ling Tao and Governor Zhu Tao inaugurated the Adoption Ceremony.


Chairman Ling Tao said, in the past one year, Huarui Bank started from scratch, and scored initial success in its first year of operation, which unveiled a magnificent opening chapter of “Century Huarui”. In future development, it is necessary to inherit the precious spirit developed in the past year, and let it take root, sprout bud, and grow up sturdily like a seed. Subsequently, bank executives dressed soil and watered the fledgling saplings before taking a group photo for commemoration. Staff representatives from different departments wrote down sincere blessings for Huarui on the blessing plaques, and personally put up the plaques.