Wang Junjin Personally Teaches “FQ Course” at the World Foreign Language School
ReleaseDate: 2016-08-08


On June 15, the delegation of JuneYao Group directors led by Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin walked into the World Foreign Language Primary School to visit the PYP division Grade-5 Graduation Exhibition. The theme of this Graduation Exhibition is “Foreseeing the Future Self”. Display boards painstakingly designed and prepared by students, global issues being highlighted for focused discussion, and clear-cut reasonable propositions received unanimous acclaim from members of the Board of Directors.


Afterwards, the “FQ Course” lecture began from the interview between Chairman Wang Junjin and Executive Vice President Lu Suying. For the setup of “FQ Course” by the school, Wang Junjin talked about his views: In 2011 he joined schoolmasters of primary schools and middle schools in a school inspection visit to the United States, he saw teachers in US schools let each student start up business independently, learn how to manage business, and students’ acquired amazing growth. This incident struck a chord in his heart, he expressed the view that the “FQ Course” for domestic teenagers should also begin from the stage of school student.


Under the topic ‘“Ambitious & Persistent” Creates Value for the Society”’, the “Life of Wealth” Classroom, the “FQ Course” on that day, was personally lectured by Wang Junjin. During the lecture, Wang Junjin had a “heart-to-heart talk” with classmates while assuming the role of a student’s parent, he mentioned that if one needs to develop great ambition, he must rely on “hearts”: Heart of ambition, heart of persistence, heart of progress, heart of responsibility, heart of gratitude, heart of confidence, and heart of determination, after developing such “hearts” one must take action and have correct approaches, so as to become “Ambitious & Persistent”. At the Q&A stage, students figured out brilliant thoughts, “What kind of marketing strategy is good strategy?” “How does Huarui Bank attract funds?” Wang Junjin gave detailed reply to questions from students, both teachers and students considered it was an occasion of “innocent” smart questions, and intelligent answers. Finally, Wang Junjin assigned homework by assuming the role of a father, he asked students to work as “Little Housekeeper” at home for one week.