JuneYao Group Establishes Strategic Cooperation with Yunnan Airport Group
ReleaseDate: 2016-08-08


On June 13, at the agreement-signing for economic and trade cooperation projects of The 4th China-South Asia Expo & The 24th China Kunming Import & Export Fair, JuneYao Group signed agreement of strategic cooperation with Yunnan Airport Group. According to the agreement, strategic cooperation between both sides will unfold by focusing on three fields of aviation tourism, investment and financing, and education & training. Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin, and President of Yunnan Airport Group Tang Xuefan signed the agreement on behalf of their respective group.


According to agreement contents, in aviation tourism field, the focus is placed on propelling the “Agreement of Strategic Cooperation between Yunnan Airport Group and JuneYao Airlines” signed by both sides on March 24, JuneYao Airlines will expand capacity at Kunming Airport to over 7 aircrafts in 2016, and expand capacity in Yunnan to over 30 aircrafts by the end of the “Thirteenth Five Year Plan” period, develop flight route network connecting effect with Jiuyuan Airlines on the existing bases, JuneYao Airlines will construct operation base at Kunming airport, cooperate with double-hub construction at Shanghai and Yunnan Airport, increase frequency of Kunming-Shanghai air express flights, and flights from Yunnan to Northwest China, East China and Northeast China, open Shanghai to South Asia and Southeast Asia flight routes via Kunming, and Kunming to East Asia flight routes via Pudong; in investment & financing field, both sides will offer mutual support, help JuneYao Group to acquire diversified development in aviation field, build Yunnan Airport Group into an industrial investment group with coordinated development of multiple industries on the basis of airport operation; in education & training field, both sides will fully utilize their respective existing training resources including training qualifications, lecturers, teaching materials, internship and training bases, cooperate to cultivate civil aviation management talents and professional technology talents related to civil aviation; introduce globalized smart education model by leveraging JuneYao Group’s World Foreign Language education service business division.