Transition-Development-Re-start, Pioneering “Two Study One Become”
ReleaseDate: 2016-08-08


On the morning of June 27, “Transition-Development-Restart, Pioneering ‘Two Study One Become’ (Study Party constitutions and regulations, study serial speeches, become qualified party member)”: JuneYao Group’s Meeting for Commemorating the 95th Founding Anniversary of the CPC & “July 1st” Commendation Meeting opened at the large conference roomof on 32F of the Group Headquarters. Sun Ganlin, Secretary of Shanghai Social Affairs Committee (CPC) and Director of Shanghai Social Construction Office, Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin, President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao, Secretary of JuneYao Group Party Committee Chen Li attended the meeting and delivered speech, the meeting was presided over by Gu Zengguang, Deputy Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee.


At the meeting, JuneYao Group Party Committee awarded “JuneYao Group Outstanding Party Affair Worker” title to 8 comrades including Li Xiulun, Ni Jun, Zhu Hongyan, Chen Yong, Zhang Qiming, Liu Tigang, Zeng Zhongyun, Lin Weihua, awarded “JuneYao Group Advanced Party Branch” title to 5 party branches including JuneYao Airlines Operation Control Party Branch, JuneYao Airlines Aviation General Party Branch Aviation Third Party Branch, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient Haimen Party Branch, JuneYao Airlines Engineering General Party Branch Hongqiao Party Branch, and the Group Headquarter Second Party Branch.


Chen Yong, Secretary of General Party Branch and Vice President of Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School, Zhao Xin, Secretary of the Operation Control Party Branch and General Manager of the Operation Control Department of JuneYao Airlines, delivered exchange speeches entitled “Irrigating the Century Ivy of Foreign Language with the Spring Water of Party Construction”, and “Transforming Grassroots Party Construction Work to the Driving Power for Healthy Development of Enterprise” at the meeting on behalf of outstanding party affair workers and advanced party branches respectively.


The meeting also awarded medals to model collectives and model individuals receiving honors for Shanghai Municipality and Shanghai social sector since 2015. The Customer Center of the Business Department of JuneYao Airlines was awarded “Shanghai Women Rendering Meritorious Service Post 2015”, Wu Junhua from JuneYao Airlines was awarded “Model Individual of Shanghai Municipal Social Security Comprehensive Management 2014-2015”, Shen Hui from JuneYao Airlines was awarded “Female Pace-setter of Shanghai Social Sector 2015”.


In his speech, Wang Junhao said this year marks the 95th birthday of our party, many concepts definitely deserve our reference for us to accomplish Century Enterprise, nowadays Western countries are beginning to slowly acknowledge the superiority of our country’s political system, and the superiority of our party. In his speech, Chen Li pointed out, over the past decade, the Group’s Party Committee shared the same fate and grew up together with the enterprise, and became special feature and brand image of corporate culture construction, the party organization has evolved into wrought-iron barracks, and accomplished the target of “The party’s organization and the party’s work will go to where the business develops”. In his speech Wang Junjin pointed out, if we want to create Century Enterprise, first we must resolutely support the Communist Party, and follow the Party, do things the government wishes to do, properly develop the enterprise. In her address, Sun Ganlin fully acknowledged the work achievements of JuneYao Group Party Committee, she pointed out JuneYao Party Committee’s party construction work highlighted four features of “focusing on system situation, focusing on institution construction, creating approach of party construction work with JuneYao characteristics, and management model of integrating party work and enterprise development under ‘one skin’”.

Displaying Achievements in Multiple Forms, Each Branch Discussed Thoughts

JuneYao Airlines Held Meeting for Commemorating the 95th Founding Anniversary of the CPC & Party Member Studio Achievement Exchange Meeting

On June 22, JuneYao Airlines Party Committee held the Meeting for Commemorating the 95th Founding Anniversary of the CPC & Party Member Studio Achievements Exchange & Display Meeting. Chief persons and key members of 8 Party Member Studios of JuneYao Airlines gathered together, one by one walked up to the podium to give exhibition exchange & display. Gu Zengguang, Deputy Secretary of JuneYao Group Party Committee, Zhao Hongliang, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and President of JuneYao Airlines, Wang Zhaowei, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, attended the display meeting.


At the meeting, the Party-Mass Work Department of JuneYao Airlines introduced basic info of 8 party member studios, each party member studio vividly displayed their integrated proceeding of respective party construction work and business work through skit, video, interview, three-and-half sentences, and PPT forms, secretaries of other party branches of JuneYao Airlines exchanged views with attending delegates, and talked freely about experience and enlightenment.


Deputy Secretary Zhao Hongliang gave on-site comment on the exhibition of party member studios, he pointed out this activity was characterized by active exploration, bold innovation; distinct theme, accurate positioning; post-based setting, down-to-earth practicality; lively format, numerous bright spots; proud confidence, and brimming vitality. Meanwhile, he pointed out JuneYao Airlines’s administrative work is inflexible, the work of Trade Union and party construction is flexible, it is required to ensure three-in-one, and combine both firmness and flexibility. All general party branches (party branches) must fully bring out the role of bastion of fight, party members’ party member studio must carry forward demonstration, guidance and boosting functions, all party member comrades must play pioneering role, propel comrades in the department to together devote themselves to safe work, elaborate service, and scientific management through party member’s exemplary model.


Deputy Secretary Gu Zengguang highly praised the meeting, he pointed out this meeting not only provides a platform of exchange and exhibition for all branches, it is also a vivid and lively party lesson, it removes the relatively boring and tedious form of party construction work in the traditional sense, and represents a kind of innovation and sublimation of party construction work.