Chen Li: Municipal Outstanding Party Affair Worker
ReleaseDate: 2016-10-17


On the morning of June 30, the Shanghai Municipal Conference for Celebrating the 95th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, Party Secretary of JuneYao Group Chen Li received “Shanghai Municipal Outstanding Party Affair Worker” title and collected the certificate in front of the audience.

This year marks the 95th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China, in order to fully bring out grassroots party organizations’ fighting bastion role and pioneer model role, the CPC Municipal Committee decided to commend 100 Shanghai Municipal Outstanding CPC Members, 100 Outstanding Party Affair Workers, and 100 Model Grassroots Party Organizations (“Two Outstanding and One Model”).

As early as in 2004, JuneYao Group set up the first party committee in private enterprise which is directly subordinate to management of the Shanghai Social Affairs Committee (CPC), led by Secretary Chen Li, JuneYao Group currently has 5 party committees, 52 party (general) branches, the number of CPC members has reached 1320. Over the years, he took deep root in the fertile soil of non-state owned economy, exhausted his thoughts and ingenuity, made outstanding contributions to healthy development of the enterprise, and properly playing the “two roles” of grassroots party organizations, for this reason he was awarded this special honor.