Xinhua News Agency: New Height in JuneYao’s Party Construction
ReleaseDate: 2016-10-17


On July 1, on the occasion of 95th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China, adopting the title “30000 feet: The New height of Shanghai Party Construction in ‘Two New Organizations’ (New economic organizations and new social organizations)”, Xinhua News Agency described the development and cases of the 21st century Shanghai party construction in “Two New Organizations” in detail. The article began with an example of the Li Guokun Party Member (Teaching) Studio of JuneYao Airlines, explained that the party construction work of JuneYao Group’s Party committee founded in 2004 had extended to mid-air at 10000 meter altitude. The article mentioned: “There are now more than a dozen similar party member studios in JuneYao Group, it has accomplished ‘immediate setup after maturity’, ‘duplicatable and promotable’ healthy development trend.”

The report cited words of Chen Li: ‘The party’s organization will go to where the business develops’, the 18th CPC National Congress proposed to construct service oriented party organization, party member studio is a handle of party construction work in private enterprises. It is both a platform for party members to play model role, and a platform for staff growth and development. This year, JuneYao Group will construct more party member studios in new business units.