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Shanghai Windfind Technology Co., Ltd (“Windfind Technology”) is a innovation-oriented scientific and technological enterprise which mainly supplies overall solutions to the construction and operation of large urban boundary wireless network, it is the core business entity of JuneYao Group in the mobile Internet field.

Windfind Technology also has relevant ISP and ICP qualifications in Shanghai, Guangdong, and national coverage, it is a deputy director unit of Shanghai Network Safety Association, its subordinate large wireless urban boundary networks include i-Shanghai, i-Pudong Free, and i-Guangdong etc. The company owns a number of technologies including indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi construction, cloud computing data center, Web/App solution, streaming media interactive application, high precision 3D positioning, accurate launching O2O platform etc, which are enough to support operation and running of the entire wireless network.

Windfind Technology mainly supplies solutions covering the whole value chain of Wi-Fi design, construction and operation: 
1.Wi-Fi design solutions
Targeting at the features and wireless network needs of large shopping malls, tourism scenic spots, transport hubs, sport stadiums, and cultural exhibition halls, it custom-makes individualized wireless hot spot solutions
2.Wi-Fi construction plan
Through on-site survey of wireless venue, by taking advantage of the company’s rich experience in wireless network execution, draft feasible Wi-Fi construction plan, create Wi-Fi network that can bring satisfactory user experience.
3.Wi-Fi operation solution
By leveraging the company’s powerful Wi-Fi network advantage, in combination with multiple self-developed patent technologies, it offers value-added services and application models including LBS, O2O, indoor 3D positioning etc, aiming to maximize the value of Wi-Fi network.

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